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Promotion of Traditional Theatre of Kashmir
" Bhand Pather "

Sustainable Rural Tourism Initiative

Akingam in the Anantnag district of Kashmir, 65 kilometers from Srinagar is the home of the community of Bhands, the traditional folk performers of Kashmir. Spread over a number of villages at the foothills of an endless mountain range, these people move from place to place with their extensive repertoire.


The secular outlook of Bhands is reflected in their dynamic folk form that has incorporated many elements from the classical Sanskrit theatre as well as from other traditional folk forms. But over the years many aspects have been lost and others have undergone dramatic changes.


The plays of the Bhands are called pather, a word that seems to have derived from patra, dramatic character. Bhand comes from the bhaana, a satirical and realistic drama, generally a monologue that is mentioned in Bharata's Natya Shastra. The Bhand Pather though is not a monologue but a social drama incorporating mythological legends and contemporary social satire.